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About Saiji TMT Bars


Saiji TMT Bars as its popularly known was set up In technical collaboration with “ Herbert Rothe ” of Germany to manufacture TMT Bars under their patented “Turbo Quench” systems and technical guidance. The Turbo Quench a system is certified by CRM Belgium for making ‘TEMPCORE' branded steel.

Bonding/Grip : The ribs of SAIJI TMT BARS are made through the machine  ensuring uniformity and depth,which enhances the bond strength between the bars and the surrounding concrete.
Bending: Due to better elongation the bars have sufficient strength to take stress beyond the permissible range. The bars can be bend around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS:1786.This allows great advantage at construction sites.
Weldability: Very low carbon content increases weldability without reducing the strength at joints which saves valuable construction time and proves most economical in long run due to smaller lap joints.
Corrosion Resistance SAIJI TMT Bars are produced by ‘Turboquench Technology’ through Thermo Mechinal Treatment and not by cold twisting.Therefore there are no torsional residual stresses in the bar making it highly corrosion resistant.
Fire Resistance SAIJI TMT Bars can withstand high temperature ranging 600 °C ensuring fire safety and providing their advantage over HSD Bars,these can resist large amount of loading because of their surface layer.This is a major advantage of using SAIJI TMT Bars.
Excellent Strength For both grade Fe-415 and Fe-500,SAIJI TMT is 20-30 % stronger compared to other ordinary steel or HSD bars
Seismic Resistance SAIJI TMT Bars have high elongation and ductility. This has high seismic resistance which makes it suitable for earthquake zones 4 & 5
Saving in Steel/Money Due to excellent high strength of SAIJI TMT Bars,15 % -20 % less quantity are required than ordinary HSD Bars for any kind of construction.




Saiji Steel, the largest steel producer in the eastern India, is the first company in India to introduce Thermo Mechanically Treated reinforcement bars, using the latest technology available world-wide. Saiji TMT 500+ rebars are produced in state-of-the-art plants under close supervision of our frontline metallurgists and engineers. The basic steel is made from virgin iron ore through Blast Furnace-Basic Steel Making-Secondary Refining-Billet Casting route with lowest amount of undesirable impurities and rolled in fully automated rolling mills from world renowned suppliers.

Saiji Steel has set up a new bar mill with the latest technology supplied by Morgan, USA. This mill has both horizontal and vertical stands, a series of zero-tension loopers and a fully automated bar bundling and master bundling system. Spacious billet yard for cast-wise stacking of billets, reheating furnace, pre-finishing and finishing mill, cold shear to cut bars, roughing mill, intermediate mill and the latest TMT facilities are the other features of the bar mill.Saiji TMT 500+ rebars are ‘hot rolled' from steel billets and subjected to PLC controlled on-line thermo-mechanical treatment in three successive stages:


(a) Quenching   - The hot rolled bar leaving the final mill stand is rapidly quenched by a special water spray system. This hardens the surface of the bar to a depth optimised for each section through formation of martensitic rim while the core remains hot and austenitic.

(b) Self Tempering   - When the bar leaves the quenching box, the core remains hot compared to the surface, allowing heat to flow from the core to the surface, causing tempering of the outer martensitic layer into a structure called 'Tempered Martensite.' The core still remains austenitic at this stage.

(c) Atmospheric Cooling   - This takes place on the cooling bed where the austenitic core is transformed into a ductile ferrite-pearlite structure. Thus the final structure consists of an optimum combination of a strong outer layer (tempered martensite) with a ductile core (ferrite-pearlite). This gives Saiji TMT 500+ its unique combination of higher strength and ductility.


Every SAIJI TMT Bars comes embossed with SAIJI TMT Logo hence you can easily spot the rod among the rest.