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Director's Message

Our Goal is to see at least one product is being used in every construction site throughout the North East.

For Shree Sanyeeji Ispat Ltd steel manufacturing is an art which we are obsessed with and in the last ten years of manufacturing we are honing our skills to be a perfectionist.

With the advent of thermo mechanically treated (TMT) steel bars and corrosion resistance steel (CRS) has heralded a new era in the Indian construction industry. Round plain steel ruled over this industry up to sixties while Tor steel took over the scene in seventies and maintained its supremacy till nineties. From1997 onwards there has been extensive use of TMT steel and corrosion resistance steel thereby ushering in greater economy and longer life for RCC structures. Our aim has been to better ourselves and achieve better quality steel without ignoring the fact that steel for reinforcement has to be basically a low-carbon steel and an alloy of iron and carbon. Higher the yield strength of steel, lower will be the steel requirement and thus lower will be the cost of steel and RCC. Efforts in this direction have borne fruit. Recently, more superior grades of steel have been discovered and we are into manufacturing Fe 415D and 500D grade of steel.

In the year ahead our focus would be to sustain growth with profit maximization by restructuring our operations in uncompetitive and noncore sectors, we also intend to march ahead with our management strategy which primarily includes the ongoing expansion plans of enhancing the production facilities at Gauripur.

In this era of cut throat competition we plan to move closer to our customers and have our presence in all leading stores. We believe that forging an alliance with our esteemed clientele and steely guts we can surge ahead.